Vedisha Series - The TRIO set

Constellations88 is proud to present to you the “Vedisha” series.  

The series consist of three handcrafted Limited Edition fountain pens

1. Limited Edition Ganesha Fountain Pen

2. Limited Edition Mahalakshmi Fountain Pen

3. Limited Edition Saraswati Fountain Pen

“Ved” (in Sanskrit language) stands for Knowledge and Wisdom and “isha” (in Sanskrit language) means owner (lord/master). Pens in this series are crafted with passion using premium quality materials. Each pen is intricately hand painted giving attention to utmost details to provide the holder the feel of possessing a masterpiece depicting art which is yet another form of knowledge.

This limited edition writing instrument is designed to depict power of wisdom and serenity that is imbibed in the Hindu culture. The pens in this series are made from high quality resin and the pens are limited to just 88 pieces - every pen is serially numbered.

Artistic Details of the pens:

Lord Ganesha:- The pen features the Lord Ganesha - The Lord of Luck, The Remover of Obstacles in his “ekdanta” (one tusked) incarnation. The detailed art depicts lord Ganesha holding the broken tusk in his hands. The cap of the pen is detailed with jaswanti flowers (also known as japaa or hibiscus); considered as the favourite of Lord Ganesha. This beautiful art is delicately painted on an orange layered background representing luck.

Goddess Mahalakshmi:- The pen features the Goddess Mahalakshmi - The Goddess of wealth and prosperity. The artistic writing instrument depicts Goddess Mahalakshmi resting on lotus and showering blessings in terms of wealth. The cap of the pen is detailed with Garuda pouring gold coins and Aum glowing in blue twilight. This beautiful art is delicately painted on a divine blue base considered to represent Vaibhav (prosperity) in hindu culture. 

Goddess Saraswati:- The pen features the Goddess Saraswati - The Goddess of Knowledge, Art and Wisdom. The artistic writing instrument depicts Goddess Saraswati resting on white (colour of purity) lotus holding veena (musical instrument) representing art. The cap of the pen is detailed with peacock feathers dear to goddess saraswati. May Goddess saraswati bless all of us with lots of wisdom.

Pen Detail Specifications

Length: 13 cms

Weight: 31 gms
Quantity: 88 fountain pens each
The crown jewel beholds Swarovski crystal
Pen Nib: German engineered 18k Gold nib (M) from Bock (no 6.)
(Gold plated steel nib (M) option also available)

USD 1099 for the set (with Gold plated steel nib)

USD 1599 for the set (18k gold nib)

Box Specifications
Material: Hand crafted wooden box with lacquer finishing
1 hand painted Ganesha fountain pen

1 hand painted Mahalakshmi fountain pen
1 hand painted Saraswati fountain pen
3 Converter
1 Twin pen pouch

1 Warranty Card

1 10gms Silver Coin