Constellations88 - Plasma

Passionately Crafted

Plasma - known as the fourth state of matter and mostly in ionised gases is seemingly a perfect name for this amazing beauty.This modern handcrafted offering by Constellations88 represents a wonderful mix of art and design in a partially transparent fountain pen made out of edelharz resin.

The pens in this series are designed to fit in your daily carry of regular pens and come with cartridge/converter based ink filling mechanism. The cap and barrel are made from high quality resin and then polished to a highly wonderful and lustrous sheen both from outside and within. The cap finial has an embedded silver coin with Constellations88 logo that adds value and gives aesthetic charm to the writing instrument.

Details on the Pen:

Barrel, Cap and Section : Precious resin

Clip, Ring, Trims: Chrome plated Brass accessories

Nib: Polished Steel Bock #6 nib ( medium point)

Ink Filling : Cartridge/Converter

Length: 5inches (approx 13cm)

Price: USD 140.00

Shipping Free worldwide

Note:The cap does not post

The Plasma comes in 5 beautiful Variants

Fluid Brown, Fluid Blue(has purple tones), Fluid Purple (has magenta maroon tomes), Fluid White and Fluid Grey

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