FrConstellations88 presents PenTen

The constellations88 Pen Display Case is completely handcrafted and made with quality raw materials under complete supervision. 

Details of the PenTen:

  • Designed to hold your 10 special pens.

  • Crafted from foam leather (not animal leather) ensuring no animals are harmed in the making. (Vegan Friendly)

  • Designed using high quality materials for foaming, velvet cushioned inner tray and acrylic sheet as window for the display. 

  • The Display case can easily fit in majority of standard and large pens.

  • The folder is 10 inches X 7 inches X 2 inches

  • MRSP on this folder is US$ 35 

  • Available in Chocolate Brown and Rich Red Colour.

Free Worldwide Shipping

Chocolate Brown

Rich Red

#NOTE: The Pens do not come along with the PenTen, the pictures here are only for representation.