Constellations88 - Meteor

Intriguing indeed

Colloquially known as shooting star or falling star, this constellations88 offering is a longish pen reresenting the long tail of a falling meteor.

The pens in this series are designed to give the look of a shooting star with an elongated tail and slightly bulging cap. The threads are placed at the upper end of the hourglass section to give a seamless shooting star look. The pens in this series are completely hand turned and made from high quality resin and polished to give a a lustrous shine.

The colours chosen are basis the colours usually seen when the meteorite enters the earts atmosphere and the metalic content comes in contact with supe-rheated air plasma. The pens comes with a wooden box and a warranty certificate.

Details on the Pen:

Barrel, Section and Cap :High Quality Resin

Nib: Polished Steel #6 (threaded unit )

Ink Filling : Cartridge/ Convertor (Schmidt K5 convertor included)

Length: 155mm

uncapped Length:145mm

Section diameter (max): 14mm

Section diameter (min): 11mm

Cap: Postable

MRSP: USD 60.00 - 70.00

Introductory Launch Price: USD 50.00 - 60.00

Meteor: Blue


Nib Point
Any Other Request

Meteor: Black


Nib Point
Any Other Request

Meteor: Brown Blue

Meteor: Bordeaux