​​Limited Edition Lion v/s Panther Fountain Pen

Constellations88 is proud to Present its tribute to the wild depicting the ferocious, the wild, the beastly anger between the lion and the panther in its handcrafted and hand painted Limited Edition Lion V/s Panther Fountain Pen.

This limited edition writing instrument is hand-painted with in a dark evening backdrop amid the rocks depicting the fierceness in the battle. The pens in this series are made from high quality resin sourced from Italy and the pens are limited to just 88 pieces - every pen is serially numbered.

Artistic Details of the pens: The pen is intricately detailed and handpainted which provides focus on the roar of the lion, the slyness of the panther, the mighty jaw and paw of the lion, and the fiery eyes of the panther. The bluish hue on the fur of the lion and the greenish tint on the eye of the panther is clearly the striking feature of this limited edition handcrafted little artistic masterpiece.

Pen Detail Specifications

Length: 13 cms

Weight: 31 gms
Quantity: 88 fountain pens each

Clip : Clipless (Clip can be made available on request)
Pen Nib: German engineered stainless steel nib (M) from Bock (no 6.)
(Gold nib (M) option also available)


US$ 399 (Gold plated steel nib)

US$ 550 (14k Gold nib)

Box Specifications
Material: Hand crafted wooden box with lacquer finishing
1 Hand painted fountain pen
1 Converter
1 Twin pen pouch

1 Warranty Card

Note: These will be hand-painted after we receive your order. The pens will be dispatched 4 to 5 weeks post the order is placed.