Constellations88 - Galaxy Fountain Pen

Strikingly Beautiful !!!

Continue being mersmerized by this demonstrator beauty made from choicest of materials and great build quality.

The pens in this series are made from high quality edelharz resin and crafted to perfection in terms of build quality and finishing.

The Galaxy comes to you in 4 variants ; each more beautiful than the other.

Details on the Pen:

Barrel, Section and Cap :High Quality Edelharz Resin

Nib: Polished Steel #6 (threaded unit )

Ink Filling : Cartridge/ Convertor (Schmidt K5 convertor included)

Length: 155mm

uncapped Length:145mm

Section diameter (max): 14mm

Section diameter (min): 11mm

Cap: Cannot be Posted


Introductory Launch Price: USD 125

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