Your birth animal is Tiger if you are born as per dates given in the table below.

​Start Date                 End Date                Element
13 February 1926     1 February 1927     Fire Tiger
31 January 1938     18 February 1939     Earth Tiger
17 February 1950     5 February 1951     Metal Tiger
5 February 1962     24 January 1963      Water Tiger
23 January 1974     10 February 1975    Wood Tiger
9 February 1986     28 January 1987      Fire Tiger
28 January 1998    15 February 1999     Earth Tiger
14 February 2010    2 February 2011      Metal Tiger

​​​FengShui - Hand Painted Fountain Pen : Tiger

Constellations88 – Orion Presents hand painted “Feng Shui’ pens

Fengshui, pronounced fnng-shway, is an ancient Chinese philosophy studying the auspiciousness of environments, based on Yin-Yang Theory and Five Elements Theory. Fengshui philosophy states that energy exists in all things and is the life of the nature. The core idea of fengshui is the harmony between humans and nature (or the universe).

Through the knowledge of fengshui, it is believed people can know how to make themselves more compatible with nature, their surroundings and their own destiny, so they can have good fortune in finances, health, and life.

Constellations88 –Orion have made an effort to bring this philosophy to writing instruments and are proud to present our hand painted “Feng Shui” Pens.

The pens in this series are made specially keeping in mind the feng shui principle and philosophies. All pens in this series are resin made by artisans who are in the pen making industry for over a decade now. Each pen is hand painted with care to produce this artistic writing instrument.

Artistic Details on the pen:

The Barrel of the pen depicts the birth animal Tiger as per the chinese calendar. All Born as per dates in the table below belong to the year of the Tiger. The cap and nib section is painted in Blue (based on the lucky colour for the people born in the year of the Tiger). The top of the cap has the yin yang painted depicting the balance that is must for anything in life.

Pen Detail Specifications

Length: 13 cms

Weight: 31 gms
Pen Nib: stainless steel nib (M) from Ambitious 

MRSP: US$ 122

Box Specifications
Material: Hand crafted wooden box with lacquer finishing
1 Hand painted fountain pen
1 Glass Bottle containing lucky element as per Date of Birth.

1 Lucky Card.

I want this:

Note: These will be hand-painted after we receive your order. Kindly allow us 4 weeks time post the order is placed.