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- Delta (Blue Black)


Crux is a constellation located in the southern sky in a bright portion of the Milky Way. It is among the most easily distinguished constellations, as all of its four main stars have an apparent visual magnitude, even though it is the smallest of all 88 modern constellations.

Its name is Latin for cross, and it is dominated by a cross-shaped or kite-like asterism that is commonly known as the Southern Cross.

Constellations88 presents a series of four pens representing this celestial mini constellation. The four pens draw inspiration from the four stars that form the asterism, namely:

Acrux, Alpha Crucis is a Blue-tinged star.
Beta Crucis, called Mimosa, is a blue-hued giant .
Gamma Crucis, called Gacrux, is an optical double star. The primary is a red-hued giant star
Delta Crucis is a blue-white hued star is the dimmest of the Southern Cross stars

The pens in this series are designed to fit in your daily carry of regular pens and come with cartridge based ink filling mechanism. The cap and barrel are made from high quality resin and then polished to a highly wonderful and lustrous sheen.

The pens in this series were designed focussing on fountain pen enthusiasts with smaller palms and liking for smaller and thinner fountain pens.

Details of the pen:
Barrel, Cap and Section : Precious resin
Clip, Ring, Trims: Chrome plated Brass accessories
Nib: Polished Steel Schmidt #5 nib (medium point)
Ink Filling : Cartridge
Length: 11cm when closed, 14cm when cap is posted behind the pen.
Can cap be posted? : Yes
Special Note: Comes in a foam leather case

Price: US $ 88.00

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