Constellations88 presents The C88 Triple Pen Pocket Carrier

The c88 triple pen pocket carrier is a three pen pouch which is handcrafted with passion and designed to suit your style and ensuring a proper safeguard to your writing instruments. These are made from high quality man made material with rich feel texture. The triple pen pocket carrier is available in 3 exquisite colors namely Executive Balck, Pearl White and Cherry Red. 

The triple pen pouches are:

  • Crafted from foam leather (not animal leather) ensuring no animals are harmed in the making. The material is a soft rich finish which feels like leather.

  • Designed uniquely with one slot slightly bigger than the others ensuring your larger pens fit in with ease.

  • Designed to ensure your longer pens fit in as the flap design adjusts to the length

  • Designed to ensure your smaller pens do not go deep within as makes it uneasy to pull it out.

  • Comes with a magnetic close

  • MRSP on this pen pouch: US$ 15