Constellations88 presents Pen Folder D

The constellations 88 Pen Folder D is handcrafted and made with quality raw materials under complete supervision. 

Details on the Pen Folder D:

  • Designed to hold your 12 special pens.

  • Crafted from foam leather (not animal leather) ensuring no animals are harmed in the making.

  • Designed using high quality materials for foaming, premium quality elastics and the cushioned material pillows to ensure safety of the pens. The top cushions ensure non friction between pens keeping them safe. 

  • Designed keeping in mind the short and the long pens. The elastics are close enough to ensure smaller pens fit in and the case is long enough to take care of the longer pens.

  • The folder is made diary-sized ensuring ease of carry and classy looks that complement your style.

  • The folder is 8.5 inches X 6..5 inches.

  • MRSP on this folder is US$ 30 

  • Available in Executive Black and Tan Brown Colour